BAN get sued for their scare tactics.

This is what BAN deserves for using scare tactics to drive attention and funding to their voluntary and costly E-Stewards certification. Shipping material to a “developed country” like Hong Kong is really no different from shipping to “developing country” like Pakistan. Maybe they should try focusing on creating industry standards that make a difference, or lobby for real oversight.

BAN is a money machine.  Companies pay a lot of money for their certification.  Have a big E-Waste business?  Maybe Mr. Puckett will come by and deliver a GPS tracker to your export material and try to shame you too!  The truth is, most of the E-Scrap (computers, and electronics) that flow into Hong Kong, leave to other destinations in mainland China.  At least they did.  China is trying to clean up its act by preventing the import of 24 types of unprocessed waste.

Who is Mr. Puckett benefitting?  It certainly isn’t the environment.   It seems his little shame game is really nothing more than a self-serving scheme that does nothing but perpetuates favored trade channels.  His environmental scare tactics drive consumers to push for false certifications and to support the companies that hold them.  In reality, there are no good environmental solutions stemming from this, only fatter pockets.