That’s not data security!

Since we began last year in 2016 with our philosophy of complete data destruction, all of a sudden the computer refurbishing companies in the area are touting data security as well.  I can tell you when we started up they weren’t.  Of course, any business has to react to changes in the marketplace to survive, but they should really just stick to what they do and refurbish computers.

I say this because when you refurbish computers, you need hard drives.  This is where it gets hypocritical.  In order for them to make money, they have to reuse hard drives.  New hard drives are expensive and cut into the margin.  When you refurbish, your overhead is high and used drives are key as they come with the equipment.  Or if you have to buy them, they don’t cost nearly as much as a new drive.  So what they do is offer data destruction, if you ask for it.  And it’s going to cost you.  Hey, someone has to pay for the drives.  So in essence, they may destroy one person’s drives only to reuse another’s.  That sure doesn’t sound like data security to me.

Hey refurbishers, stick to rebuilding computers.  Don’t tout data security with a hypocritical solution.  Destroying one customer’s drives only to reuse another’s isn’t right, and it’s misleading.