Sensible Recycling:  Security Is What Makes Us Different

Computer Recycling, Electronics Recycling, Hard Drive Shredding

We are a Veteran Owned and Operated Company

From the sea to the shore, we have protected our country: now we are serving our community by protecting your data and the environment.  We bring a different perspective to the electronics recycling industry.  Sensible Recycling is committed to giving back by employing Vets and helping the community stay green.  We look forward to bringing our experiences and knowledge to help protect your data and the environment.

All Free Services

We Never Charge For Our Services!

Stop paying for data destruction, computer recycling, and electronics services. That’s right, ALL of our services are FREE!  We come to you, or you can bring your material to us.  We strive to make recycling computers and electronics and data security easy. We are sustainable through the recycling process and don’t need to pass unnecessary costs onto our customers.

NAID member

We Take Your Data Security Seriously

At Sensible Recycling, we believe in data security.  Strictly following the NAID data destruction standards, we physically destroy 100% of the hard drives we receive.  This philosophy uniquely sets us apart from our competition.  We never wipe your drives and resell them like the other companies.  Using a computer refurbishing company puts your data at risk since they need the hard drives to resell computers.  We don’t refurbish computers at Sensible Recycling, and we never put your data at risk.

We are a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business

Sensible recycling is the 1st Better Business Bureau Accredited electronics recycling company in the Jacksonville area.  This means we are holding ourselves to a higher standard than our competitors.  Being a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business means that we strive to be a business you can trust and we do business the honest and fair way.  We want your feedback, bad or good.  If there is something we can do better, let us know.

We are Compliant

Whatever your level of compliance for electronics data destruction, we have you covered.  Our secure chain of custody, certificates of destruction and hard drive shredding is designed to prevent incidental exposure and to avoid prohibited uses and disclosures.  We can provide your business with on or offsite compliant hard drive shredding.  These services are performed at no charge.  Click Here to find out more.

Electronics and computer recycling

Items We Accept

Computers, Laptops, Printers, Flat Screen TV’s/Monitors, Cables, Battery Backups, Cable Boxes, Modems, Stereos, Circuit Boards, more…

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Hard Drive Shredding

NIST 800-88/DoD 5220.22 Compliant, HIPAA Compliant Hard Drive Shredding and Destruction Services.  No Charge On Site Shredding Services.

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electronics and computer recycling

IT Asset Disposition

Let us handle your asset retirement.  Find out what services we can offer you when your IT equipment needs to be retired and replaced.

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Our customers range from Hospitals, Military and Government Agencies, Large and Small Businesses to Residential. We can handle your needs.

Do you need to dispose of old and broken electronics, computers, and IT equipment ?

E-Waste (electronic waste) is the fastest growing waste stream in the country.  Old electronics account for 2% of the garbage in landfills but represents 70% of the toxins.  Because electronics are becoming so cheap to manufacture and purchase, we are becoming a disposable society.  Sensible Recycling is stepping up to provide our community a responsible, no-cost service to dispose of, and recycle computers and electronics.  Old electronics do not belong on the curb with your trash where they will find their way into a landfill. 

Sensible Recycling is an electronics recycling and computer recycling company located in Jacksonville, Fl.  We exist to help keep our community clean by properly recycling electronics, computers, and old IT equipment in a manner that adheres to or exceeds Governmental laws and regulations that pertain to the responsible recycling of e-waste.  If you are looking to dispose of old electronics, then give Sensible Recycling a call.

Sensible – A statement or course of action chosen in accordance with wisdom or prudence; likely to be of benefit

Sensible Recycling is a Jacksonville, FL based local business.  We are not an out of town electronics recycling and computer recycling company with an 800 number and webpage designed to make us look like a local company.  When you call Sensible Recycling, you will get a real person on the phone to help you.  Being local means that we can focus on service.  There is no need to ship your old computers or electronics to an out of state location because we will come to you.  Even if you are a resident with one computer, Sensible Recycling will treat you the same way we would treat a business with 1,000 computers.  We offer no charge recycling services and will come to your business or residence at no charge.  In fact, all of our services are FREE!  How can we do this you ask?  Sensible Recycling is profitable through the responsible recycling of your old computers and electronics.  At our recycling center in Jacksonville, we break down all of the material we receive to the core components, process and sort it, and sell the material to a downstream where it will ultimately be refined in order to make new electronics.  Everything is recycled from the circuit boards, plastic, steel, and wire.  Nothing goes to waste, and nothing goes to the landfill. Find out more information about our Recycling Services.

What can you expect?

  • Custom computer recycling and electronics recycling service tailored to your needs
  • Hard drives shredded on or off-site FREE
  • Secure chain of custody
  • Certificates of destruction delivered within 72 hours
  • Our services are always FREE
  • Expect great customer service!

Make the Sensible choice when it comes to recycling your old computers and electronics!

Our Approach to Recycling is Different

Sensible Recycling brings a different approach to electronics recycling and computer disposal.  We don’t charge for our recycling and computer disposal services, and we shred or physically destroy all of the hard drives we receive.  We are not a scrap yard and do not collect or buy scrap metal.  We are also not a computer refurbisher, and do not wipe your hard drives and reuse the computers we receive.  These two statements make us fundamentally different from our competitors for the following reasons:

  • Your hard drives will always be physically destroyed.  Since we do not refurbish computers, we have no need for the hard drives.  Unlike a refurbisher, we do not wipe and reuse any drives, nor do we sell them whole.  Unlike a scrap yard, we do not buy and sell whole hard drives.  Data protection means destroying hard drives, not resuing your drive or someone else’s drive to rebuild computers.
  • Our means of data destruction is secure.  If your hard drive winds up in a scrap yard, you will never know what happens to it.  It could wind up anywhere and in the hands of anyone.  If your hard drive goes to a computer refurbisher, chances are it will be wiped and reused.  You will never know if your data has truly been destroyed because you will never see it once it leaves your possession.  If a hard drive takes hours, or more than a day to be securely wiped by DOD methods and a business is receiving hundreds a day, how can you be sure some of these drives aren’t slipping through the cracks and not being wiped before being reused?
  • Our shredding and crushing process is the most transparent, complete way to protect your data.  When a drive is destroyed, the pieces are something tangible and the destruction is so complete that it is readily apparent the data will be impossible to recover.  We invite you to watch the process.  We can even verify the destruction process with a serialized certificate of destruction and a video of the process showing your drive being fed into the shredder.  The best part is we can do all of this at no charge!
  • Need a Certificate of Destruction (CoD)?  We can do that too.  For audit purposes, we can provide you a CoD with the make, model, serial number, and the asset tag.  We can also provide you with a Certificate of Recycling for your material.  This is all part of our free service.
  • We recycle computers, stereos, printers and more.  Yes, all of these things can be taken to a scrap yard or computer refurbisher, but when your profit is derived from refurbished computers or scrap metal can you be sure that your electronics are being responsibly recycled?  Sensible Recycling specializes in electronics and computer recycling.  This is what we do and how we generate our income.  Even stereos and printers help us pay the bills.  Rest assured that your old electronics will be recycled responsibly.

Customer Reviews

Larry Cadorette
Larry Cadorette
00:24 13 Feb 18
What a cool place to see. Not just a recycling place , you can buy all sorts of stuff there. All sorts of electronic things from copiers to stereo stuff. The guys were great, the little museum they had was really cool to. Thanks guys for an enjoyable experience.
Magan Silk
Magan Silk
16:12 19 Feb 18
I try to support Veteran-owned businesses whenever possible, and Aaron's business makes my decision to keep using his services easy! I've used his services twice so far, which was a breeze each time, and will continue using them as long as I have electronics to recycle. Why complicate your job dealing with DRMO when you can just use these guys? It's a no-brainer.
ben williams
ben williams
13:25 01 Mar 18
I have taken things to them and from the first time to the next they have exceeded my expectations and the staff is super friendly, Ask to meet Bull while your there he is a real talker!
20:17 10 Nov 17
Great place to drop off old computer equipment. Staff was great and helpful when dropping off used items. They brought out cart to help carry the stuff in, thank you. Bring all your old computer equipment down here, don't throw it away and end up having it in a landfill. These guys are doing great work.
Austin Hammond
Austin Hammond
15:01 19 Sep 17
I felt safe recycling my old computers with Sensible knowing my data was being shredded. Aaron the owner was very easy to deal with and very professional.
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