Sensible Recycling: Who we are

Our Philosophy:  To benefit our customers and community by always doing what is right for them and the environment.

Veteran owned and veteran staffedWe are Veteran Owned and Veteran Operated!

We helped protect our country, now let us help protect your data!

At Sensible Recycling our philosophy is built around our core values of Honesty, Integrity, and Commitment.  We are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers.  We realize that we provide a service and without our customers, we would not exist.  Technology is always advancing, making what is new today old and obsolete tomorrow.  As your components become obsolete and are replaced, we strive to provide you with a high level of customer service based on our core values.  We want you to feel secure in the fact that your important electronic data will be destroyed in compliance with all Federal, State, and industry standards.  Rest assured that your computers and electronics will never find their way into a landfill and will always be recycled responsibly.

Sensible Recycling is unique in that we offer to pick up, electronic data destruction, and computer and electronics recycling services all at no charge.  We make our living by dismantling and recycling the computers and electronics we receive from our customers.  All components are recycled responsibly and will never be disposed of in a landfill.  All components given to us that may contain any data will be shredded ensuring that the data can never be recovered.

Sensible Recycling was founded in 2016 by Aaron Enos.  As an avionics technician in the United States Navy, Aaron worked on everything from radars to radios as a technician on the P-3 Orion anti-submarine aircraft.  Aaron has spent the majority of his career since the military in the business of scrap metal recycling.  His roles in scrap metal have included steel yard operations and scrap metal purchasing for a Fortune 500 company.  He is now bringing his passion and knowledge to electronics recycling in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine areas.