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We are a Veteran Owned and Operated Company

Our Mission: To change the electronics recycling industry by offering top-notch service, secure data destruction, and responsible recycling at no charge.  From the sea to the shore, we have protected our country: now we are serving our community by protecting your data and the environment.  We bring a different perspective to the electronics recycling industry.  Sensible Recycling is committed to giving back by employing Vets and helping the community stay green.  We look forward to bringing our experiences and knowledge to help protect your data and the environment.

Stop paying for data destructioncomputer recycling, and electronics recycling services. That’s right, ALL of our services are FREE, and free service doesn’t mean bad or mediocre service.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations and change the way you think about what a free service is.  We come to you, or you can bring your material to us.  We strive to make recycling computers and electronics and data security easy. We are sustainable through the recycling process and don’t need to pass unnecessary costs onto our customers.

At Sensible Recycling, we believe in data security.  Strictly following the NAID data destruction standards, we physically destroy 100% of the hard drives we receive.  This philosophy uniquely sets us apart from our competition.  We never wipe your drives and resell them like the other companies.  Using a computer refurbishing company puts your data at risk since they need the hard drives to resell computers.  We don’t refurbish computers at Sensible Recycling, and we never put your data at risk.

Sensible Recycling is the 1st Better Business Bureau Accredited electronics recycling company in the Jacksonville, North Florida area.  This means we are holding ourselves to a higher standard than our competitors.  Being a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business means that we strive to be a business you can trust, and we do business the honest and fair way.  We want your feedback, bad or good.  If there is something we can do better, let us know.

Whatever your level of compliance for electronics data destruction, we have you covered.  Our secure chain of custody, certificates of destruction and hard drive shredding is designed to prevent incidental exposure and to avoid prohibited uses and disclosures.  We can provide your business with on or off-site hard drive shredding, and the paperwork that keeps your business in compliance.  Data destruction services are performed at no charge.  Read on to find out more.